Dave Beckett: Presentations and annotated Publications


N-Triples: a line-based syntax for an RDF graph

Digg Blog Posts 2010-2012

Learn about SPARQL 1.1

Command Line Semantic Web with Redland

Open Source Semantic Web

Redland : Free Software / Open Source RDF

Yahoo! Semantic Web in Production

A little semantics goes a long way at Yahoo!

<XML/> without the X - the return of {{Textual}} markup

Web 2.0 meet Semantic Web at Yahoo!

Semantics Through the Tag

Introduction to RDF Query with SPARQL

Bootstrapping the Semantic Web with Redland

SKOS: A language to describe simple knowledge structures for the web

Implementing SPARQL in Redland

SPARQL Query Results XML Format

Modernising Semantic Web Markup

Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language

Workshop on Semantic Web Storage and Retrieval

Semantic Web Technologies for UK HE and FE Institutions

A retrospective on the development of the RDF/XML Revised Syntax

Semantic Web Update W3C RDF, OWL Standards, Development and Applications

CORES Standards Interoperability Forum

SWAD-Europe report on Scalability and Storage: Survey of Free Software / Open Source RDF storage systems

Connecting XML, RDF and Web Technologies for Representing Knowledge on the Semantic Web

Web Crawling High-Quality Metadata using RDF and Dublin Core

RDF Test Cases / N-Triples

A W3C Recommendation by the RDF Core WG

RDF/XML Syntax (Revised)

A W3C Recommendation by the RDF Core WG

RDF/XML Syntax Grammar Experiments

RDF Core WG has been revising RDF, so I tried to summarise the work on the grammar and try to do it better.


Text format for representing RDF test case results, an RDF Core WG document.

The Design and Implementation of the Redland RDF Application Framework

See also the Redland home page.


Practical RDF Tools Towards a Semantic Web

Presentation given at Knowledge Technologies 2001 (KT2001), Austin, Texas, USA, 5 March 2001.

Internet Technology

Chapter in Sample chapter (mine!)

Standards in the CHIC-pilot distributed indexing architecture

Polishing your searches

30% Accessible: A Survey of the UK Wide Web

Dublin Core Element Substructure (Why the Dublin Core Needs Qualifiers)

A 4th Dublin Core Workshop (DC 4) in Canberra, Australia, 2-5 March 1997.

A strict occam Design Tool

The ACademic DireCtory - AC/DC

with Neil G. Smith in Ariadne magazine published by UK Office for Library and Information Networking (UKOLN), University of Bath, UK and as UKC Computing Laboratory Technical Report 96-8.

Emulating a Secure Multicasting Bus using occam 2.1

with Peter Welch in Proceedings of WoTUG 19 held in March 1996 at University of Nottingham. Published by IOS Press, Amsterdam.

IAFA Templates as Internet Metadata

Real Time Image Scanning on Transputers (A Case Study in Parallel Design)

Combined Log System

A software system for working with log files from multiple Internet access daemons (WWW, gopher, ftp, ...) and getting statistics across them for large log files.


Proposed Encodings for Dublin Core Metadata

A draft / working paper containing proposals of how to embed Dublin Core metadata into various document formats such as HTML, IAFA Templates, PNG Image files, etc.