Practical RDF Tools Towards a Semantic Web

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Table of Contents

Practical RDF Tools Towards a Semantic Web

Semantic Web

RDF Goals

RDF is ...

RDF Foundations - URIs

RDF Target Applications

RDF Origin

RDF Standards

Extensibility - RDF Schemas

RDF example

RDF example as statements

The RDF XML Syntax

RDF example as statements

RDF example in XML

Semantic Web Stack

RDF and XML family


RDF, Schemas and Validation

RDF Architectures and Techniques

RDF APIs - Model Patterns

RDF APIs Patterns

RDF Language APIs - Java

RDF Language APIs - Perl

RDF Language APIs - Python

RDF Other APIs

RDF Editors

Other RDF Tools

RDF Tools Summary



RDF Applications 1

RDF Applications 2

RDF Applications 3 - ILRT

RDF and the Semantic Web

Missing Bits

Some Problems


Resource Links

Discussion Places

Links and further reading

This document

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