Combined Log System Slides

Dave Beckett
Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury, CT2 7NF, England
Busy Internet archives generate large logs for each access method being used. These raw log files can be difficult to process and to search. This paper describes a system for reading these growing logs, a combined log file format into which they are re-written and a system that automates this building and integration for multiple access methods. Automated summarizing of the information is also provided giving statistics on accesses by user, site, path-name and date/time amongst others.
archives, administration, statistics
  1. Combined Log System
  2. Key Features
  3. Overall Design
  4. Combined Log File Format
  5. Main Processing Sequence
  6. Summary files
  7. Summarising - build-sums
  8. Derived summaries - Bytes per day in January 1995
  9. Derived summaries - Bytes per day for 1995
  10. Derived summaries - bytes per hour (October 1991 - April 1995)
  11. Derived summaries - Top 10s
  12. Derived summaries - Top Proxy Hits
  13. Derived summaries - Access Method
  14. Conclusions, Problems and getting the software
  15. Thanks
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