Combined Log File Format

Type of access
e.g. ftp, http, ...
e.g. transmit a file - txfile
Date and time
When? e.g. 1995-04-21:11:30:00
Name or path of request
What? e.g. /ftp/pub/README
Count of bytes sent to fulfil request
User name, Site name and Email address
Who? and Where?
Example from log for Parallel Computing Archive for January 1994:
ftp     txfile  1994-01-19-11:27:14     /ftp/pub/parallel/documents/in\
  mos/archive-server/checkocc/test80xa.occ  58019   -\
gopher  txfile  1994-01-19-11:27:39     /ftp/pub/parallel/parlib/butte\
  rfly/queens/bflyparqueens.c       4789    -       abc.def.Uni-ghijk.DE\
http    txfile  1994-01-19-11:27:54     /usr/l/lib/httpd/htdocs/parall\
  el/home.html      961     -        -
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