Mar 6, 2012

10:24 AM

Digg Mobile is now in a relationship with Digg Social Reader

Written by Dave Beckett • Filed under Company

With the improvements we’ve made to the Digg iOS app since September, mobile traffic is is up 24 percent now accounting for 12 percent of all users.

Digg Social Reader, a Facebook Timeline app that lets your friends see the news that you’re reading, Digging and commenting about - has grown 4x since its launch in late December.

It only seemed fitting to introduce the two.

Starting today, you can now log into the Digg iOS app with Facebook to send stories you’ve Dugg and read as well as comments you’ve made to your Timeline and your friends’ Facebook Ticker.

Just like the web version, you can easily turn Social Reader on/off and can decide which actions to publish.

Within the application settings, you can choose to publish reads, Diggs or comments or delete a specific story you do not want added to your Facebook Timeline.

Our hope is this makes for a better experience on Digg iOS by offering a way to let your friends discover and enjoy news they may not have otherwise seen.

Best of luck to the new couple and happy Digging.