Nov 4, 2010

12:08 PM

Pics or it didn't happen

Written by Dave Beckett • Filed under Technology

Diggers, I am happy to announce the return of filtering lists of stories by media content type.

We have added support for filtering lists of stories by their content type - news story, image or video. If you are browsing Top News by date or visiting the Upcoming section, you will see new tabs at the top that let you filter the stories by type. There is no filtering by type for the My News section yet.

Images section

So now you can more easily find Hover Cat or Cats Riding on A Roomba:

... which I think we'll all agree, is important to find.

We are also working on improving the recognizing of type when stories are submitted since it currently under-recognizes image and video submission, and we are also considering how to allow people to correct the type chosen during URL submission.

Thanks to Can for the UI work.

If you see an issue with the filters, something we've missed, or have a feature request for us please let us know.