30% Accessible - A Survey of The UK Wide Web


Dave Beckett

Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF, England




This paper describes a comprehensive survey of the UK domain and of UK Web site Home Pages. The survey determined the features of the typical WWW page and analysed the HTTP and HTML in general terms, for the use of standards and for accessibility. Finally, the features found were used to calculate a figure for the overall accessibility of the UK Web pages.


  1. Overview
  2. Scope - UK Internet
  3. What access means here
  4. Structure and Size of .uk
  5. HTTP headers & WWW Servers
  6. Web page Content I
  7. Web page Content II
  8. Features Used in each Web Page
  9. New Features
  10. Examples Overview
  11. Examples I
  12. Examples II
  13. Conclusions

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Copyright ©1997 Dave Beckett, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.