Oct 20, 2011

9:30 AM

Digg IOS App with Newsrooms and commenting

Written by Dave Beckett • Filed under Company

We are excited to announce that the Digg IOS App 2.1 is now available with support for Newsrooms, commenting on stories and several other improvements.

Digg IOS App with Newsrooms and commenting

The Digg App 2.1 for the iPhone or iPod Touch (running IOS 4.2 and newer) has been released with support for Newsrooms, commenting and more.


The app lets you browse the list of Newsrooms and see your subscriptions (in blue) as well as all the others:

When you are in a newsroom you can follow or unfollow it and go on to read both the top stories in the Front page as well as look for new stories in the Newswire to submit.

You can switch to Top News or Newswire with the top-left button menu and continue to use filters such as "30 Days" shown below:


You can now add your comments in the story view.

Note that we are aware that there is no support for replying to comment threads and we are considering the best way to represent threads in the limited space in a mobile app.


You can now share a story on Twitter using the Tweet option from the share menu on any story.

Other changes

If you need to logout from the app, just tap on the Digg logo and hold your finger on it for 2 seconds to bring up the logout menu. Next time you take an action that needs an account, you will be asked to login again.

We also made multiple resilience and performance improvements for loading story lists, individual stories and for comment threads.

The application is compatible with IOS 5 and has been tested on it.

Contact Us

As always, please let us know any comments or bugs you find. You can also give us a shout over on the @digg Twitter account with your feedback and questions.