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My RDF week

2006-02-16 22:10

A small pile of RDF things done recently need mentioning:

Today my Rasqal RDF query library in Subversion gained support for writing the RDF query results in JSON after the draft Serializing SPARQL Query Results in JSON from Kendall, Lee and Elias announced today. This can be done in the Rasqal query demo to see it inline or to get raw text/json use the sparqling demo (which I should really turn into a SPARQL protocol demo). The JSON format seems pretty straightforward although I didn't delve too deep into how well Unicode and escapes work in JSON.

Yesterday I released Redland 1.0.3 with the usual Raptor and Rasqal update, but also with a new PostgreSQL backend store, although I've not tested how well it works myself. That makes 8 storage modules (memory, file, uri, bdb, sqlite, 3store, mysql, postgresql).

Earlier this week I updated my SPARQL RDF Query Language Reference 2-page PDFs to match SPARQL 2005-11-23 and made two versions now, one in A4 size and one in US letter. I need the second one now!

I've decided to go to the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose, California, USA, 6-9 March. It's not far away, which makes it easy.

Also I was encouraged with the interest in my RDF jobs at Yahoo! mention in Tom's Semantic Web of Data. I see Jeremy Zawodny has also noticed Tom's outline.

Interesting times!