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Tom's Semantic Web of Data

2006-02-12 19:22

Tom Coates just posted the slides of his Future of Web Apps talk from the Carson Future of Web Apps Summit in London last week. He called the talk Native to a Web of Data but as I read it, part of it expressed far better than I've been able to get across: that the open data part of the web 2.0 buzzword space, actually aligns well with semantic web ideas - a web of data. (This isn't so much of a surprise as Tom refers to work done with Matt Biddulph on the BBC PIP pages and Matt knows well when to use RDF, and when not).

If you read the summary slide it's a good high-level approach for designing user-targeted semantic web models and systems. I'm about at #5 on this list myself, for something I'm designing at work.

Update: I should have mentioned the excellent notes on Tom's talk provided by Simon Willison and others via SubEthaEdit.

PS We're looking for semantic web developers at Yahoo!. If you can write code (Redland friendly would be good), know semweb and want to join the fun here, let me know.