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End of life of Raptor V1. End of support for Raptor V1 in Rasqal and librdf

2010-11-07 14:49

Raptor V1 was last released in January 2010 and Raptor V2 seems pretty stable and working. I am therefore announcing that from early 2011, Raptor V2 will replace Raptor V1 and be a requirement for Rasqal and librdf.

End of life timeline


  1. Raptor V1 last release remains 1.4.21 of 2010-01-30
  2. Raptor V2 release 2.0.0 will happen "soon".
  3. The next Rasqal release will support Raptor V1 and Raptor V2.
  4. The next librdf release will support Raptor V1 and Raptor V2 (and requires Rasqal built with the same Raptor version).


  1. The next Rasqal release will support Raptor V2 only.
  2. The next librdf release will support Raptor V2 only (and require a Rasqal built with Raptor V2).

In the style of open source I've been using for the Redland libraries, which might be described as "release when it's ready, not release by date", these dates may slip a little but the intention is that Raptor V2 becomes the mainline.

I do NOT rule out that there will be another Raptor V1 release but it will be ONLY for security issues. It will contain minimal changes and not add any new features or fix any other type of bug.

Developer Actions

If you use the Raptor V1 ABI/API directly, you will need to upgrade. If you want to write conditional code, that's possible. The redland librdf GIT source (or 1.0.12) uses the approach of macros that rewrite V2 into V1 forms and I recommend this way since dropping Raptor V1 support then amounts to removing the macros.

The Raptor V2 API documentation has a detailed section on the changes and there is also an upgrading document plus it points to a perl script docs/upgrade-script.pl (also in the Raptor V2 distribution) that automates some of the work (renames mostly) and leaves markers where a human has to fix.

The Raptor V1 API documentation will remain in a frozen state available at http://librdf.org/raptor/api-1.4/

Packager Actions

If you are a packager of the redland libraries, you need to prepare for the Raptor V1 / Raptor V2 transition which can vary depending on your distribution's standards. The two versions share two files: the rapper binary and the rapper.1 man page. I do not want to rename them to rapper2 etc. since rapper is a well known utility name in RDF and I want 'rapper' to provide the latest version.

In the Debian packaging which I maintain, these are already planned to be in separate packages so that both libraries can be installed and you can choose the raptor-utils2 package over raptor-utils (V1).

In other distributions where everything is in one package (BSD Ports for example) you may have to move the rapper/rapper.1 files to the raptor V2 package and create a new raptor1 package without them. i.e. something like this

Raptor V1 package 1.4.21-X:

/usr/lib/libraptor1.so.1* ...

(no /usr/bin/rapper or /usr/share/man/man1/rapper.1 )

Raptor V2 package 2.0.0-1:

/usr/lib/libraptor2.so.0* ...



conflicts with older raptor1 packages before 1.4.21-X

The other thing to deal with is that when Rasqal is built against Raptor V2, it has internal change that mean librdf has to also be built against rasqal-with-raptor2. This needs enforcing with packaging dependencies.

This packaging work can be done/started as soon as Raptor V2 2.0.0 is released which will be "soon".