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Merry Winter Festival (Northern Hemisphere) with Rasqal, Redland, Triplr releases and updates.

2009-12-22 06:49

Merry winter solstice to those in the northern hemisphere. Hope the summer is doing fine for the southern folk.

Co-incidentally, I released some software:

  • Rasqal 0.9.17 - "the new query engine one" - rewritten internals with a new query engine that handles more of SPARQL 1.0 (95%+) and will be able to add features much easier for SPARQL 1.1 changes. ABI/API change too. 15 months of changes summarised in the release notes.
  • Redland 1.0.10 and bindings to go with it - new Virtuoso triplestore backend developed by OpenLink (in 2008; sorry it took so long) plus support for the new Rasqal. Release notes.
  • Triplr upgraded with the above packages which is especially useful for the Triplr RDF Query (a SPARQL endpoint). Triplr news

That is all. Early next year: switch from SVN to GIT and start on raptor2 ABI/API break.