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Raptor 1.4.20 RDF syntax library released

2009-11-28 17:50

Released Raptor 1.4.20 as a bug fix release - no ABI or API changes but fixes for wrong-to-spec bugs, crashes and performance. Raptor 2 will contain ABI/API changes and have new features when it is released - no ETA. My main development focus returns to Rasqal, it's new query engine and full SPARQL 1.0 support, which is coming along well.

The main changes in the new Raptor version are:

  • Turtle serializing performance improvement by Chris Cannam
  • librdfa RDFa parser updates to fix empty datatype, xml:lang and 1-char prefixes by Manu Sporny
  • Fix a crash when the GRDDL parser reported errors
  • Enable large file support for 32-bit systems
  • Several resilience improvements by Lauri Aalto
  • Other minor portability and bug fixes
  • Fixed reported issues: 0000306 0000307 0000310 and 0000312.

See the Raptor 1.4.20 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

Download it from: raptor-1.4.20.tar.gz