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Raptor RDF Parser Library Version 1.4.19 Released

2009-07-19 12:33

It has been 13 months and thus long overdue for a new release of Raptor my RDF parsing and serializing library - if it involves going between syntax and triples, Raptor can do it.

(My excuse for the long delay I was busy working on Rasqal which is also due a release. Plus it's lovely living in California :) )


The next release of Raptor 1.4.x will include bug fixes only and no new features. New development will move to Raptor 2 where a planned ABI and API break will happen. There may be preview releases of Raptor 2 with 1.9.x numbering.

The changes were as follows:

  • Many improvements to RSS tag soup (RSSes and Atom) parser and the RSS 1.0 and Atom serializers
  • Several fixes and improvements to the N-Triples, RDFa and RDF/XML parsers and Turtle serializer
  • Improved the use and configuration of static libxml functions for better compatibility
  • Several Win32 portability fixes - Lou Sakey
  • Many internal changes for upcoming Raptor V2 - primarily by Lauri Aalto
  • Many other fixes and resilience improvements.
  • Fixed reported issues: 0000259, 0000262, 0000263, 0000266, 0000269, 0000270, 0000276, 0000277, 0000287, 0000288, 0000289, 0000290, 0000293, 0000296, 0000299 and 0000303.

See the Raptor 1.4.19 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.