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Grindstone to The GRDDL

2007-02-17 14:50

My Raptor RDF parsing / serialising library has been doing GRDDL processing of a sort to make RDF triples for several years but it was only in Raptor 1.4.14 announced 31 January that I finally got round to managing the recursion through XML Namespace URIs and HTML head profiles, so that I was covering the majority of the spec. That was my coding over the Christmas break I took in the UK.

In the last few weeks I have been working on the GRDDL tests, some of which themselves are in beta, and getting my code through them, or fixing the tests. I'm happy that finally I've got to the stage where I think either a) I pass a test or b) the test has the wrong result. I'm currently waiting for the answer to my last report to the WG and they could still change or add to the spec but I expect it'll be Last Call very shortly. I'll wait until their reply before I ship a new version of Raptor with the most recent changes, which you can read now in the draft release notes if you want to know more.

So apart from diving into Raptor Subversion - feel free - you can kick the tires of the fixes right now with the Raptor parser demo for GRDDL and you'll need a URI with some GRDDL-compatible markup for the URI box. Try

http://www.w3.org/ :) or the examples in GRDDL spec or Dan Connolly's home page.

That's not the only thing I've done since Christmas but I'll leave Flickcurl for another day.