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Google kills their Search API

2006-12-19 14:01

I was reading Google Deprecates Their SOAP Search API by Brady Forrest but it's not really about SOAP, it's the removal of a useful programmatic API entirely as the remaining AJAX Search API according to the terms of use, can only be invoked by a <script> tag and is thus not really an API for anyone but JavaScript or in-browser programmers.

So it's goodbye to mashups with the Google search.

The general speculation is that it has been removed so that Google can put their own adverts (or whatever they like) in search result pages, but it's not clear yet. Surely at the very least, goodwill has been lost. It does of course leave questions about what competitors will do with their REST and SOAP search APIs.

Or maybe it'll just start a secondary market selling Google SOAP API keys now that they are a limited item.