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And one more thing ... Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.12 Released

2006-05-01 19:53

As tempting as it was to call this posting Not Blogging the Company, this isn't about something I did for my employer, so instead I've borrowed Steve Jobs' famous phrase. On Sunday 30th April I

announced the release of Rasqal 0.9.12 which has a lot of internal changes but externally it's mainly for the following:

This can as usual be tried out in the Rasqal RDF query demo

What is new beyond the original announcement is that I've got the Redhat Fedora Core 5 RPMs built and the Debian debs available from the Redland download site thanks to my recently restored working Xen 3.0 virtual machine server (5 Linux VMs - Fedora Core 5; Ubuntu Hoary, Breezy, Dapper; Gentoo).