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Raptor 1.4.9 with Tutorial

2006-04-23 12:03

Yesterday I released Raptor 1.4.9 and the major visible addition this time is the first version of the new Raptor Tutorial covering all the parsing and serializing functions with working full examples. Used together with the updated Raptor Reference Manual which now covers 100% of the public API of functions, structures and defines, these provide a complete set of docs. (There is also the libraptor manual page but that's primarily for command-line use in unix/linux).

There are of course, more fixes and improvements:

  • The rapper utility can now pretty-print RDF using namespaces from parsing as hints in serializing.
  • The Turtle parser has gained boolean literals which were accidently left out last time, oops!
  • Requests for content to parse now send appropriate HTTP Accept: headers depending on the parser used.
  • It is no longer required to use libxml2 for the rss-tag-soup (Atom, RSS*) parser
  • Various Win32 fixes and VC build files updates from John Barstow

I previously described how Raptor was refactored in detail and the results of the latest changes are mostly internal with respect to the SAX2 API. The public result is that the Atom support inside the RSS Tag Soup parser is ready but not fully enabled to handle the enveloping of X-in-Atom that people are now trying. I guess this is better than using SOAP or (ugh) XML-RSS.