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European Semantic Web Conference Tour

2006-04-23 12:11

I've been allowed to escape from the US after 6 months of good behaviour to go to some useful conferences in Europe. Just when the sunshine appears in California. Doh!

First to the Jena User Conference in my previous home city of Bristol, UK from May 10-11. I'm not speaking here, so I guess that makes me a listener. Of course, I'm also a little bit of a competitor so it's useful to see what they are up to ;)

After that I head to XTech 2006 in Amsterdam, NL from May 16-19 where I will be speaking on Semantics Through the Tag which is mostly about tagging with a little bit of RDF. It's my first public talk since joining Yahoo! although not about anything directly related to what I'm working on. Last year, this was the best technical conference I had been to for several years in both the topics, the event and the people. A web technology update without the hype.

Finally WWW2006 in Edinburgh, UK from May 23-26. The annual web conference which has never before been held in the UK and has chosen a great city as a venue. I'm looking forward to it and I've noticed there are many Yahoos attending this (as well as XTech).

I hope to meet lots of old and new friends in May. It should be great!