Dave Beckett's blog


2005-08-07 16:59

I just made a bot for the Semantic Web Interest Group IRC scratchpad (aka chump) that pulls the mentioned URIs, titles, keywords and comments out of the existing feed and posts them to a dedicated swigbot account on del.icio.us. The user nicks on IRC turn into either taggedby:nick or commentedby:nick and the chump keywords into del.icio.us tags. It only grabs items that have been given the 'swig' tag to get a little bit of discrimination going on, rather than random mentioned URIs.

The code is Python and 95% based on code written by Matt Biddulph, including his wonderful python client library for del.icio.us he described in del.icio.us experiment.

This is just part 1 of the experiment as del.icio.us provides RDF outputs - RSS 1.0 feeds for everything. So that can be used for something else...