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XTech and a SPARQLing spring

2005-05-22 23:22

I've had a busy few weeks travelling (I do most of my year's travel in a 5 week period) first with SPARQLing days in Italy working on SPARQL, WWW2005 in Tokyo talking about Redland, SPARQL and a bit of microformats panel fun. Next is the exciting finale, XTech in Amsterdam Tuesday-Friday. I'm talking about Bootstrapping the Semantic Web with Redland. Which could also have a ... with SPARQL suffix as that's what I've been concentrating on most recently, in between and during travels. Plus some session chairing and meeting old and new friends.

Last Thursday night, I managed to ship the latest bits and pieces of software before rushing off for a non-working weekend away: Raptor 1.4.6 (GRDDL, RSS enclosures) and Rasqal 0.9.9 (SPARQL query syntax, xml format, engine).

I confidently predict XTech will rock. Amsterdam + geeks = fun

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