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WWW2005 day 2 - keynote by Eric Brewer

2005-05-12 02:12

The second day started with an interesting keynote from Eric Brewer of UC Berkeley: The Case for Technology for Developing Regions with emphasis on sustainable, practical and local ways to apply technology (ICT as usually called) in developing countries. Included lots of examples of self and local help to use appropriate technology and deal with issues of language, literacy and development. He described many opportunties for world-class PhD-level work ins areas such as low power for ICT devices that are not priorities for the developed world.

He referred to an upcoming article of the same name, The Case for Technology for Developing Regions being published in IEEE Computer in the June 2005 issue. (PDF, ACM Digital Library version) Web searching also found me one of his classes on this topic: CS294-12: An Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Framework for Developing Regions

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Updated August 2012: to fix IEEE Computer broken link