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RDF catchup with GRDDL

2005-04-05 10:47

RDF catchup of things while I was on vacation in Lebanon.

  • MT-Redland - a Movable Type ObjectDriver (storage backend) using Redland and Mysql by Greg Williams. (More MT-Redland)
  • RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements, W3C Working Draft 25 March 2005 edited by Kendall Grant Clark.
  • A bit of fanboying from Bill :)

    Dave Beckett's Redland is really impressive; the amount of work that has gone into it is incredible.

    RDF Hacking for Fun and Profit, Bill de hÓra

    ... Dave Beckett knows RDF as well as anyone, if he supports contexts in redland there's a good reason for it. I think the W3C will adopt a position on them in time based on implementor feedback. I honestly don't know how the data model would cope with the fourth element; maybe there would be no impact.

    RDF Datatypes, Literals, Quads, Bill de hÓra

  • Chris Schmidt made some more Redland Python tools to generate FOAF project web pages from RDF sources.

  • Sparqling Days hosted by @semantics in Italy next week finally went public and I'm attending, yay!

Finally I made an implementation of GRDDL (Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages) inside Raptor the day before I left on vacation with no time to announce it, so I announced it properly using the raptor parsing demo. Sadly Evolution broke the demo links so instead see demo 1 and demo 2.