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Redland 1.0.0

2005-02-06 19:56

I changed the version number of my main free software project Redland to 1.0.0 - it's been a mature library for some time, the API creep slowing as the query interface has been bedded in. In some ways it's just a bigger number than before, but the >1.0 seems to indicate a certain confidence in what's being offered. We'll see.

As part of this I released new versions of all the parts of Redland, the release announcements are:

  • Raptor 1.4.5 RDF parsing/serializing library - with RDF/XML abbreviated serializer, RSS 1.1 in, better RSS 1.0 out.
  • Rasqal 0.9.6 RDF query library - with RDF graph, boolean results; SPARQL new CONSTRUCT, ASK, 7 built-ins
  • Redland 1.0.0 RDF library incorporating the 2 libraries above - SQLite store
  • Redland Language Bindings providing C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl access for Redland 1.0.0 - Python and Ruby updates

This is certainly the most software I've tested, packaged and shipped in one day. There are even debian packages for Raptor making their way in to the archive in addition to the standard RPMs that are always released.