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Becoming Debian and Cairo

2005-02-06 13:30

Edd already mentioned this but in the flurry of last week's activities, I forgot to record this event. It takes around a year to become a Debian developer at present for a variety of reasons, and I just completed that process. I've started cautiously updating some of my existing packages that needed new versions, beginning with libpixman 0.1.3 and libcairo 0.3.0 both part of the Cairo vector graphics libraries.

Cairo is some of the !RDF part of my interests which I think it is positioned as a key technology for advancing desktop open source graphics with X, GTK (Gnome), KDE, Mono and Mozilla as possibilities. Only this week I got a report that Mozilla 1.8 CVS HEAD has working SVG support using Cairo. Nice! Working with graphics is a refreshing change from what can be rather conceptual RDF (what does a triple look like?) plus, you get cool screenshots ;)

I've also got some additional Cairo packages done and working, the Glitz OpenGL image compositing library backend for Cairo is one I want to get into Debian soon, however just now the APIs between it and Cairo are out of sync. The other one I'd like to add is the Python interface to Cairo, pycairo. These packages are all available from the debian packages area of the main Cairo site where they aren't already in Debian.