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SPARQL interop

2005-02-03 16:36

I ran the sample SPARQL queries made by Leigh Dodds on public RDF data sources using my Rasqal RDF query engine. Most of them seemed to work which is good, bugs were found and fixed, and a few more to go.

List all of the names, weblogs and encrypted emails of people defined in http://www.ldodds.com/ldodds-knows.rdf Rasqal gets this right: Run Query

The amended query using an optional foaf:weblog property Rasqal gives the wrong results here at this time: Run query and the right results using re-ordered triples: Run Query

List the titles and publication dates of documents written by someone with the name "Leigh Dodds" Run Query

List the state and city for all Australian airports Dies with a bad RDF/XML error for the daml file, refusing to run: Run Query

List the name, mbox of all contributors to the 2003 Dublin Core conference, along with the title of the paper the (co-)authored Rasqal gets this right: Run Query

Find all the European princesses and the date they got married Rasqal gets this right: Run Query

List the names, symbols, atomic weights and numbers of all the Noble Gases The original query works with a slight edit to use ^^xsd:string. I am not sure if this a bug yet: Run Query