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Raptor 1.4.3 - Writing XML better

2005-01-03 23:33

I just released Raptor 1.4.3

(announcement) after a bit of gentle hacking over the holidays. With dayjob work starting again after the break on Tuesday, it is time to get this out the door.

This version is primarily for exporting the XML Writer API that has been developed for some time. It has been used internally to Raptor for XML Canonicalization for RDF/XML rdf:parseType="Literal" content. I've extended it to make it usable to generate standalone XML documents.

Somebody asked on IRC if I was using or could use Tim Bray's GenX XML generator. My code predates GenX and is the minimum I needed to emit streamed canonical XML. There wouldn't be any advantage to swapping it, or any problem in doing so later.

So what does this enable? Well firstly I made Raptor's RDF/XML serializer use it, and also handle user declared namespaces so the output can be made more pleasant to read (it's not a full "pretty writer").

Secondly, I made a new RSS 1.0 serializer. That means in combination with the RSS tag soup reader, that you can use raptor (alone) to convert RSS formats to RSS 1.0. Like this:

$ rapper -q -i rss-tag-soup -o rss-1.0 URI-of-rss