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Of Presidents and Ontologies by Paul Ford

2004-11-04 19:24

In Of Presidents and Ontologies (XML.com) by Paul Ford in the Hacking Congress series he explains that he is planning to use Redland's python binding for the application:

Redland may not be as scalable as Kowari, but it's got a hacker-friendly, native-Unix feel that appeals. Since XML.com editor Kendall Clark is going to be working on the Hacking Congress Semantic Web site with me, and he's a Python fan, and because our data set is unlikely to get into the millions-of-triples area where Kowari excels, I've decided to go with Redland.

I guess I should comment that although Redland works great with small data sets, it is used with small-digits of millions of triples with the MySQL store.