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Redland and RDF inside Ubuntu

2004-10-07 10:38

I had a nice surprise at the weekend while playing with a daily CD of the new debian commercial distribution Ubuntu. As I watched the packages being installed and wooshing up the screen, I was surprised to see libraptor1 and then librdf0 fly by. It turns out that because Ubuntu includes a full python developer's environment, it includes all Debian unstable's python packages, which includes Redland's Python API in package python2.3-librdf.


This beats Redland libraries appearing on SUSE or other linuxes, since Redland is installed by default and is provided on CD1.

To celebrate this I've made updated Redland Ubuntu testing packages including rasqal for RDF query, to go along with the already existing Redland Debian unstable packages (also in Debian's archive on 10 architectures).