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2004-09-26 22:09

DataLibre from Steve Mallett. It's mission is to: Liberate Your Data, Write Once - Read Everywhere and nicely aligns with the kinds of things FOAF and DOAP are doing for people and projects respectively; which are linked from the site.

It's something I've been interested in and over the years, had less interest in giving my data to .coms that then go lock it up, and/or sell it. This first happened with IMDB (although it's still available, you can't use it for anything interesting), CDDB and continues with various subject-specific data aggregators for blogs and pictures. There are however, some recent good sites that do let you put data in and out nicely, with no lock-in such as del.icio.us and bloglines. We need to do more to encourage this; plus encouraging them to provide RDF import/export as appropriate.