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Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.3.3

2004-09-20 14:44

Announced version 1.3.3 of the Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit with all new license, as previously mentioned. It's now LGPL / Apache 2.0. It also has several improvements and fixes over 1.3.2 - get it now!

  • License changed to LGPL 2.1/Apache 2
  • Added a new Unicode NFC checker
  • Rewritten URI parsing and resolving code
  • Added configure selection of RDF parsers
  • Updated the RSS Tag Soup parser to handle Atom 0.3
  • Updated the Turtle parser to handle large documents (Geoff Chappell)
  • Added a parser feature to disable rdf:ID duplicate checking
  • Updated rdf:ID duplicate value checking implementation
  • Portability fixes for building on win32 (Chris Pointon)

More information in the detailed Raptor 1.3.3 release notes