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WWW2004 and Community Coverage

2004-05-17 21:44

Tomorrow WWW2004 starts in New York with the tutorials and workshops day going on till Saturday with developer's day. Like in previous years, a bunch of us have thrown together some collaborative spaces at the WWW2004 Community Coverage site using the IRC based chump bot and IRC logging. To join in, point your IRC client at irc.freenode.net's #www2004 channel. This was made using the tools we've been using for the Semantic Web Interest Group chump (formerly the RDF IG) since 2001 and used there at WWW2002 and on the specifically created WWW2003 Community Coverage site last year.

There's already some other interesting related stuff starting to emerge at the W3Photo site working on a photographic history of the IW3C2 conferences (see the galleries) and intending to do a lot more at this conference with semantic annotation of images of the conference. There are also several projects announcing that are using the data; I'm sure they'll be popping up soon but I've seen AKTivePhoto announced.

Looking at the immediate schedule, I'm probably going to attend the WWW2004 workshop on Application Design, Development and Implementation Issues in the Semantic Web tomorrow which already has the Schedule and papers online, as PDFs but there are other interesting ones too such as the workshop on Interaction Design and the Semantic Web. I haven't looked at the detailed main conference paper schedule yet.