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Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language fix for collections

2004-02-27 00:14

I just made a change to the Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language to fix an incompatibility with Notation3 after I did some testing against cwm (I also see reference to Turtle and other n3-like syntaxes in that page). The collection syntax uses a list of items with no commas allowed, whereas I had re-used the

objectList grammar term, which requires them. I've corrected the grammar by adding a new

itemList term and updating Raptor to match including a negative test case to check it.

Turtle seems to be getting some traction, at least I've had encouraging private feedback. I noticed that it was mentioned by Jim Hendler as a possible piece of work for the new Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group and it was something I was thinking about - when to stabilise it and where.