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RDQL - A Query Language for RDF, HP Labs W3C Member Submission

2004-01-09 23:20

RDQL - A Query Language for RDF HP Labs W3C Member Submission, 9 January 2004 by Andy Seaborne, HP Labs Bristol. The W3C process for this kind of submission is that there is a W3C team comment made, this one by Dan Brickley and Eric Miller. The latter points to the Draft RDF Data Access WG Charter which might take this forward.

I saw a version of this before submission and implemented the grammar parts with flex and bison to build a query tree in my RDF query work-in-progress Rasqal - that's all it does so far, it cannot do queries, but I'll be revisiting this real soon.

In this version, I think I have found a few bugs:

  • The <SUCHTHAT> terminal is not defined, it seems AND :: = 'AND' should be SUCHTHAT :: = 'AND'.
  • The non-terminal Identifier should be IDENTIFIER.
  • The terminal Identifier should include more of the non-terminals if it tries to be a list of language identifiers; missing ones include <SUCHTHAT> (AND) and <USING> although it may be that these make the grammar ambiguous. Personally, I'm not sure allowing identifiers to be the same as keywords is a great idea.

Well that's all so far.