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Blogger Code in RDF

2003-10-27 23:18

Blogger Code in RDF by Mark Pilgrim. On #foaf over the last few days, several people including myself have been helping Mark walk through making his first RDF schema, using the blogger code as an example.

It is a simple vocabulary for describing blogging and your blog in the style of the geekcode. We went through translating the appropriate parts to RDF properties and classes. The x++ and x-- quotient values became classes with names xpp and xmm that you hung off a property named after the quotient. That property was then given an RDF range constraint to the appropriate class.

Since we were typing adhoc triples on IRC, it was natural to head straight to N3/N-Triples+ (without the funky bits of N3) so that the RDF triples were clear, and generate the RDF/XML for the machines by software. That seemed to work out OK - we didn't venture into internationalisation or language issues. Here's his N3 source that makes the RDF/XML.

You can view the result in FOAF explorer for Mark's FOAF file which picks up the property descriptions directly from the RDF schema behind the bloggercode namespace URI