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RDF/XML Working Draft feedback

2003-08-17 12:39

RDF/XML Working Draft feedback by Sam Ruby who quotes our discussion we had on IRC a few days ago on tweaks to RDF/XML to make it more friendly to !echo. Sam asked me some things that he lists in the post. My replies were mostly that it was bad timing since the LC draft state is pretty much only changing for critical problems, bug fixes - no new features.

My main plea was to not make it RDF hostile (or RDF/XML hostile maybe, I don't mind) for later use via mapping. It is a general descriptive format, similar to RSS 1.0 in scope.

In the comments I see the same old FUD with no evidence or detail from various people. No quotes to who said that all every format must be RDF/XML - totally laughable. Don Park's "snake oil" comment is sad to see. I don't see any point in responding to such zero-content abuse. Just stay in your cave, Don.