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RDF in eLearning

2003-03-10 09:29

RDF in eLearning

There are several projects related to eLearning using RDF technologies and this is a summary of what I thought of from replying to an email about this. In the order I remembered.

MEG Registry

Stuff I've done is quite simple but straighforward with the UK's Metadata for Education Group (MEG) Registry project which is authoring schemas for describing learning resources. I did the server in Perl/Redland, Damian Steer did the client with Java/swing. Rachel and Pete were the drivers of the data model.

This work is being taken onwards with the CORES project and their CORES registry which incorporates extra features such as authentication and annotation.

NGfL Metadata Tagging Tool

UK National grid for Learning (NgFL)'s Metadata Tagging Tool which is a Java client for authoring (marking up) educational resources in RDF. There is a server there somewhere too and descriptions of the standards in RDF schema nearby.


IMS and RDF bindings at IMS RDF bindings which include RDF schemas. I think it is now in an appendix of the latest IMS spec these days. Not sure of application support.


EDUTELLA who have done lots of work using educational metadata for learning resources in RDF over peer to peer based systems. They have presented many papers in the WWW conference series and elsewhere, such as: EDUTELLA: A P2P Networking Infrastructure Based on RDF


DSpace is an MIT/HP project (possibly related to Oxygen) on developing MIT's digital content repository. The latest metadata/rdf work is going on in the SIMILIE project.