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On releasing Redland and Raptor

2003-02-16 19:59

What day is it? Oh yeah, I released some software last week - new versions of my redland and raptor RDF general and parser libraries respectively. Took only nine months since the last release of Redland, lots of bug fixing and testing. Plus all the pain of automake, autoconf, uploading to SourceForge, writing Freshmeat news, announcements, release notes, checking it works across solaris, linux, FreeBSD, OSX. The latter was a real pain - not quite UNIX enough for me. Then I made some RPMs and new debs.

So onwards to more releases. I've already got some patches received for win32 support for raptor and I wanted to move it on to the latest autotools, which seems to be working OK. For redland I'm ready to rip out more code such as the old repat parser, a bit obsolete.

I also just released that I've implemented SAX2 for C inside raptor since libxml and expat only ever had SAX1-style interfaces - no XML Namespaces. I should think what to do with this, maybe talk to DV.