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SWAD-Europe: A little RDF parser testing

2003-01-16 20:47

SWAD-Europe blog: A little RDF parser testing

Not a lot to show today but I had a quick go at the new Java ARP2 alpha release parser and compared it to my Raptor parser, written in C and probably does a lot less checking. ARP2 is faster than ARP1 - I tried it out on a significant bit of rdf/xml with about 270K triples but Raptor remains up to 40x faster than ARP2. The figures:

Parser Time Relative to Raptor

ARP1 1.0.5 216s 54x

ARP2 alpha\ 135s, 157s, 165s, 164s 33-41x (JDK 1.4.1-01)

Raptor (0.9.8 CVS) 4s,4s 1x