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The next step - Tim Berners-Lee (The Guardian)

2002-10-28 15:30

The next step - Tim Berners-Lee (The Guardian) which apart from unfair comparisons to Boy Georges' position 53 places higher in top 100, has a quote related to my project:

"The semantic web area, which we've had on the books for a long time, is more like the original web. When people do get it, you can see the twinkle in their eye. But it's the same thing - if you show people two computers linked together, they say 'so what'? But then imagine there are millions of them... But because there's not that much semantic web data, you have to make that initial leap. It takes a bit of imagination to realise that if all the databases in the world were linked together, there are all sorts of possibilities," he says. The project is now moving forward thanks to research grants from the EU and the US government.

"research grants from the EU" refers to my project, SWAD Europe most directly as well as others such as DAML+OIL, OntoWeb and related.