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Removing Push Pins

2002-01-22 16:47

Info on removing push pins from Intel Processors - Retention Mechanism Overview

When removing the plastic fastener version of a retention mechanism, use a flat tool to pry up the white plastic pushpin and remove it completely from the black plastic sleeve (see Figure 3). Once the white pushpins are removed, rotate the retention mechanism out of the motherboard holes. This process can be very difficult if you do not have a dedicated, well-designed removal tool. Such a tool is described in the application note AP-826 Mechanical Assembly and Customer Manufacturing Technology for S.E.P. Packages which is also available from the Intel literature center (order #243734).

Use great care in removing the retention mechanisms with plastic fasteners especially if no removal tool is available. Damage to the motherboard or personal injury may occur if improper techniques are used. If no tool is available, consider removing the motherboard from the chassis. Once the motherboard is removed and while viewing the underside of the motherboard, use the tip of a ball-point pen or other tool to carefully push the bottom of the white pin insert out of the black plastic fastener sleeve. Once the white insert pins are removed, carefully push the black sleeve portion of the fastener out of the motherboard to free the retention mechanism.