Combined Log System - User Contributed Software

Here is some user contributed software that may be of use to you with the logtools. Please contact the authors of the individual parts for Dave Beckett, 9th May 1995

pilgrim-examples.tar.gz (gzipped tar file)
pilgrim-examples.tar.Z (compressed tar file)
Pilgrim Examples: A collection of utilities and scripts built on top of the logtools utilities used to automate the collection and display of logs for the Project Pilgrim Archives at University of Massachusetts, USA.

We run servers on multiple architectures all mounting the same archive directory thru NFS, which kind of makes for a convoloted configuration; for example, we have 3 different configuration files for the logtools package corresponding to the 3 architectures we support, and the proper file is selected depending on uname output. An example of the output may be seen at: <URL:>.

Contributed by Manoj Srivastava <>.

Dave Beckett