Perl IRC Logger Bot

This is the site for the Perl IRC logger that was developed around 2001-2005 for logging IRC on freenode channels rdfig (to 2004), foaf (2000-), swig (2000-), redland (2008-) and various event and temporary channels for shorter periods of time. At that stage it was perfect so development stopped :)

License: GPL 2 (or any newer version)


Get it from the GitHub repository.


The README.html file in the source tree offers some pathetic details of what it is about and how it works.

The bot itself also contains POD information so here is a static pod2html version of it's documentation: logger.html


check it out at:

  git clone git://

and the main program is the 'logger' perl script.

Or use the GitHub source browse to see it in situ. This is a migration of the earlier CVS and Subversion repositories so there may be weirdness


Basically install the Perl Net::IRC module from CPAN or your distribution's repository. Version 0.75 from 2004 works fine.

Running Logger

The minimum to run it is:

  $ perl /path/to/logger \

But there are more options so for example, for swig on freenode it is something like:

  $ /home/logger/bin/logger -nick logger \
    -pidfile $PIDS/ \
    -connectuser nickserv \
    -connectcmd "identify ********" \
    ******* \
    irc:// "W3C Semantic Web Interest Group IRC -" \
    /home/logger/public_html \
    "" > logger-swig.log 2>&1 &

Dave Beckett, 2011-04-06